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CPR - Competitive Product Rebate


Upgrade your current competitive drinking water system to our new High Flow System Model HFC-1000 and get a FREE $140.75 replacement cartridge shipped directly from the manufacturer.

One per household only.



  1. Purchase a DWS-HPC-1000 Drinking Water System
  2. Have dealer complete a ACPR/PR Form (dealer approval required)
  3. Attach bar code from system carton to ACDP/CPR form.
  4. Mail to: Waterline Technology
    P. O. Box 396
    Mansfield, OH 44901
  5. Recieve a Free $140.75 Value Replacement Cartridge for your HFC-1000 System directly from Waterline.
  6. Click here for form (dealer approval required)

Any competitive product qualifies except built in Refrigerator filters.

Enrollment in our ACDP (automatic cartridge delivery program) is required. This program will save you money on future replacement cartridges. This program is quick, simple and you can cancel your enrollment without penalty as long as your next scheduled shipment has not been completed.

Since your second cartridge is FREE you will not normally require a replacement cartridge for 2 years. So your first shipment under the ACDP program will begin the beginning of the 3rd year.


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