Protect your family, customers & employees

from unknown microbial issues!
Centralized Water Treatment cannot guarantee

biologically safe water 100% of the time

Why you should consider proactively filtering your potable water for microbial issues?

Waterline Technology specializes in Drinking water for Home, Schools, Industry and Commercial applications. This section is designed to provide background information for the health-related issues caused from microbial contaminant in our potable water supplies from bacteria and virus.  All of which can cause a host of illness issues from drinking or breathing in the

Homes, business, schools and industry are negatively impacted from these pathogens entering their homes from private and public water supplies.

  • Private water supplies from wells, lakes, ponds, etc., are tested when installed but most do not get periodic testing for these pathogens. Most do not have any form of disinfection installed to protect their home / business.
  • Public water supplies face more challenges since they treat the water at the central plant and have to transport it through miles and miles of under ground piping to your location.

Statistics show that 20% of disease outbreaks in the U.S. were associated with distribution system deficiencies! With an average age of ~200 years and expected life of 75-120 years the infrastructure in the U.S. continues to challenge water utilities to provide safe drinking water to the end user.

The FDA site shows over 49,000.000 food borne illness per Year!

Daily we can read about Boil Order Alerts from public water utilities due to risk of microbial contaminants being in our drinking water. However, these public notices are always after the contamination or possible contamination has already exposed our homes and businesses.

Filtration Products

Drinking Water – Cold Water Only

  • Flow Rate: 1.5 gallons per minute
  • DWS-CMF/HFC-1000 water purification system Flow rate 1.5 gpm, includes pre filtration of dirt/sediment as well as other contaminants. For use before, during and after a “Boil Order Alert”!
  • DWS-HFC-1000 Plus water filtration system Flow rate 1.5 gpm, includes prefiltration of dirt/sediment as well as other contaminants.

Point of Entry – Hot or Cold Water

  • Flow Rate: 5-10 gallons per minute
  • CMF2510 (5gpm)/CMF2520(10gpm) Series – 304 SS filter vessel w/ 222 Dual O-ring sealing design, wall bracket. Dirt/Sediment and CMF Filters sold separately.

Commercial/Industrial – Hot or Cold Water

  • Flow Rates: 25-380 gpm
  • Select the 304 SS filter vessel w/222 Dual O-ring sealing design, floor mounted
  • Select the filter design base upon size & quantity required for Filter vessel
    – Dirt/Sediment PP series or PAB series
    – CMF Technology CMF Series

Commercial/Industrial/Municipal – 4 LRV Multi-Barrier Disinfection

  • Flow Rates 3-480 gpm 304 SS filter and high dose UV vessels, Skid mounted or wall mounted (3 gpm), to meet and exceed the US EPA LT2 regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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Doesn’t water testing protect me from these issues?

Trying to test for each organism is a never-ending task and one should consider proactively treating their water as if they are present. If not present, no harm is done, but if they are present you are safeguarding your family, customers, students and employees.


Drinking Water treatment: Point of Use water filters remove contaminants like dirt/sediment, chlorines, chemicals, cysts, lead, gasoline additives and farm chemicals but are not designed to filter out bacteria and virus. Installation of one or more of our CMF microbial retention filter post of your current drinking water system can provide a final barrier of protection capable of removing >99.99% of bacteria and >99.9% of virus. High risk populations (young, old and sick) and those in high risk disaster areas from floods and hurricanes can install our Final Barrier Microbial filters in series to achieve >99.99999% of bacteria and >99.95% virus!!

Point of Entry Water Treatment: Installing a microbial filter (sized for the incoming flow rate) to capture any organisms before they enter the plumbing on water supply incoming after any other water treatment devices. We also recommend treating the hot water post the water heater to capture any organisms that grow within the hot water storage tanks. If the hot water is on recirculation loop that will provide even more protection from air borne illness.

Dirt / Sediment: Bacteria needs a food source and dirt/sediment and scale can high organisms from any disinfectants and build up bio film in the plumbing for these organisms to grow. Treatment should include a dirt/sediment filter (1-5 micron) first to filter the cold-water supply for home or business.

Waterline offers filtration solutions for home, business, schools and industry for point of use and point of entry treatment methods using our CMF technology (Charged Membrane Filtration). CMF technology uses electro-absorption filtration to capture the organisms and maintain them throughout the filter life. Since most all organism and proteins are gram negative charged on the surface this technology works a bit like a magnet in the since its charge is a strong positive charge to attract the organisms rather than relying on pore size filters.