Since 1983, Waterline Technology, has established a network of Authorized Distributors & Dealers to Sell, Service & Display a full line of Drinking Water Systems, Commercial Filtration products and companion products that also heat, chill, dispense quality water and beverages for residential, food service and commercial markets.

Waterline manufacturers a full line of water treatment products for Point of Use and Point of Entry systems for home, business and industrial markets.

Our design philosophy is to provide end users with third party certified products tested to industry standards for any health-related performance claims. End users should not have to blindly believe everything included in sales literature and should demand to see the certified performance data sheets.

Specializing in drinking water filtration for home and business has expanded to include commercial / industrial as well as food service systems to meet the demands of the marketplace.

With few exceptions our systems leave in natures minerals unlike reverse osmosis which greatly reduces these minerals to the point the water becomes aggressive enough to dissolve heavy metals and deplete electrolytes in the body. When reverse osmosis mineral reduction is required we suggest using our pH adjustment cartridges to raise the pH by increasing good minerals to make the water safe and taste good. We have a video explaining the differences in Alwaysfresh filters vs Reverse Osmosis. We hope you will take the 8 minutes to watch and learn the differences.

Our web site is broken down for Residential, Food Service and Commercial markets so please select the one that best meets your needs. We trust you will find this site beneficial, educational and easy to work with to answer any and all of your questions! If not feel free to contact us.

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