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Centralized Water Treatment cannot guarantee

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Why you should consider proactively filtering your potable water for microbial issues?

Microbial contamination of our water supply occurs for a variety of reasons and most often not discovered in time to prevent illness. While centralized water treatment can address these issues at the water treatment plant the infrastructure is the weak link! 

The risk factors from infrastructure distribution and transmission failures should be sufficient information for every potable water home or business to preventively install treatment that protect their premise potable plumbing supply for dirt/sediment and microbial contamination as it enters the building.  This is especially true before, during and after a PWS has issued a Boil Order Advisory!

Whether it’s the water used to clean fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking and ingredient waters for our food and beverages, aerosols generated by shower heads and aerator style faucets (that can cause respiratory illness) one must consider proactively treating these waters for microbial reduction. 

Once your potable water premise plumbing is exposed to microbial contamination it builds up bio film and colonies of organisms that can cause serious illness from bacteria such as e-coli, legionella spp., and many other pathogen organisms.  Proactively filtering your water that you use to drink, shower, swim, wash vegetables, and other water using appliances can drastically reduce your risk of illness or even death.

Homes, business, schools and industry are negatively impacted from these pathogens entering their homes from private and public water supplies.

  • Private water supplies from wells, lakes, ponds, etc., are tested when installed but most do not get periodic testing for these pathogens. Most do not have any form of disinfection installed to protect their home / business.
  • Public water supplies face more challenges since they treat the water at the central plant and have to transport it through miles and miles of under ground piping to your location.

Statistics show that 20% of disease outbreaks in the U.S. were associated with distribution system deficiencies! With an average age of ~200 years and expected life of 75-120 years the infrastructure in the U.S. continues to challenge water utilities to provide safe drinking water to the end user.

The FDA site shows over 49,000.000 food borne illness per Year!

Daily we can read about Boil Order Alerts from public water utilities due to risk of microbial contaminants being in our drinking water. However, these public notices are always after the contamination or possible contamination has already exposed our homes and businesses.

Microbial Solutions

The good news is that we have the technology that can address the microbial contaminants!

Waterline offer filtration solutions for home, business, schools and industry for point of use (POU) & point of entry (POE) using our CMF technology (Charged Membrane Filtration). CMF technology uses electro-absorptive filtration to capture organisms and retain them within the filtering media throughout the life of the system. Since most all organisms and proteins have a gram-negative charge on their surface, this technology has a strong positive charge to attract and retain them without relying on small pore size filters. The result is a filter that has a low pressure drop to allow it to be installed as the final barrier prior to use of the water resulting in water virtually free from pathogenic organisms.

Waterline offers several options for your home, school or business to safeguard your family, customers and employees.

If possible, we suggest installation of microbial filtration at the point of entry for all of the cold water supplying your facility, as well as after the hot water system. These systems are designed for hot or cold water with stainless steel outer vessel that house our microbial filters.

Another option is to install point of use microbial filtration at high risk areas within the facility. The system are available for cold only water and for hot/cold water filtration.

A partial list of High-Risk areas within home, schools and business facilities that can be impacted from microbial contamination.

  • Showers
  • Whirlpool / Hot Tubs
  • Stored Hot Water Tanks
  • Decorative Fountains
  • Any Faucet That Produce an Aerosol
  • Non-steam Generated Humidifiers
  • Misting Stations
  • Drinking Water
  • Food Preparation Ingredient and Cleaning Waters
  • Ice Makers
  • Low Use Fixture Due to Stagnant Water
  • Dead Legs Within Plumbing Systems

Point of Entry Product Selection Guide

An overview of Point of Entry Microbial Treatment is explained in this published article: Click Here to Learn More
  1. Select the stainless-steel filter vessel based upon estimated flow rate. It is best to oversize if unsure of the exact flow rate
    1. Available flow rates from 5-380 gpm per vessel
  2. Select the exact CMF filter cartridge and number required for the filter vessel selected. See product data sheet for the filter vessel
    1. Cartridge flow rates from 5-20 gpm per cartridge depending on length
  3. The CMF technology is a sub-micron filter that will have long life (6-12 months) between cartridge change out. Since most all water supplies have dirt/sediment it is recommended that a 1-5 micron pre-filter be installed to protect the CMF filter from short life.

Hot or Cold Water for Drinking and Potable Water for Premise Plumbing

  • Flow Rates 25 – 380 gallons per minute
Call or email for particulate filter solutions. We offer a water test that will determine the size and quantity of dirt/sediment in your water supply! This is critical to select the micron rating for any pre-filter you use prior to the CMF filters!

Point of Use Product Selection Guide

Cold Water Only Systems

Select system based upon flow rate for POU device

  • POU CMF Filter – 1.5-2.0 gpm flow rate, see data sheet for details
  • Model DWS-CMF417-2.5

Use Model DWS-CMF-HFC-1000 for protection before, during and after boil order advisory Built in pre-filter (.5 micron) using our carbon based system which is also certified for Chlorine taste/odor, lead, PFOA/PFOS, VOC and THM chemicals.

  • 1.5-2.0 gpm flow rate, see data sheet for details

Hot Water Supply

Must use a stainless steel filter vessel for water >100 degrees F!
Select stainless steel filter vessel based upon flow rate of device.

  • 5 or 10 gpm sizes available
  • Select CMF filter from data sheet below
  • NOTE: If you point of use devices uses > 10 gpm you can install filter vessels in parallel flow for 20 gm\pm or step up to one of our multiple round filter vessels.

Multi-Barrier Drinking Water Alternative Filtration & Primary Disinfection

  • 3 Stage Multi-Barrier 4 LRV Disinfection Skid System Flows from 20-480 gpm flow rates
  • Validated performance for bacteria, cysts and virus disinfection that meets and exceeds the Safe Drinking Water Act for Public Water primary disinfection
  • High dose Ultraviolet stage – 186 mJ/cm2
  • All three stages are controlled via PLC
  • Fully assembled with powdered coated skid and 304 SS interconnecting piping

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- Non-pathogenic Organism
- Pathogenic Organism
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Market Drivers – Water Purification

The funding gap to repair and replace the aging infrastructure used for distribution of drinking water by public water utilities continues to grow.  Reports showing the gap will be in excess of $500 billion over the next 20 years is alarming. This leads to problems for every user that rely on a public water system for their drinking water.

The result is that drinking water is being distributed from the public water utility that passes the US EPA Safe Drinking Water regulations at the treatment plant but fails the smell test at the end of pipe.  Customers are then left with the question- “Is their water safe”?

Greater than 99% of boil order alerts issued are for concerns of microbial safety.  These alerts can go undetected for years before they are identified and repaired.

Prior to the alert the facility is subjected to unknown microbial contamination of entering their plumbing systems.

One can wait for the problems to be fixed or they can take necessary action to safeguard their facility and provide secondary treatment for microbial intrusion to their potable premise plumbing system.

From simple particulate filters to complex multi-barrier disinfection systems.  We can design a solution to protect your employees, customers and product.  These microbial contaminants can result in serious illness and even death due to breathing in aerosols, drinking and eating.   Waterline Technology can recommend treatment solutions to solve these issues.  Please review the products below and give us a call to discuss your concerns. 

Waterline offers filtration solutions for home, business, schools and industry for point of use and point of entry treatment methods using our CMF technology (Charged Membrane Filtration). CMF technology uses electro-absorption filtration to capture the organisms and maintain them throughout the filter life. Since most all organism and proteins are gram negative charged on the surface this technology works a bit like a magnet in the since its charge is a strong positive charge to attract the organisms rather than relying on pore size filters.